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7 Things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland

This city, even more than most, is as much about its setting as about the city itself. Lucerne’s ideal situation, at the foot of the Swiss Alps and the shores of Lake Lucerne, is as delightful as any the imagination can picture. Visitors who revel equally in the beauty of a natural setting, and the sophistication of city life should not miss the pleasures of a visit to Lucerne. While there, no one should miss:
  1. Chapel Bridge
This bridge is a distinctive symbol of Lucerne. The wooden structure is covered, and contains paintings in the gables. The bridge, along with its squat Water Tower, spans the River Ruess. See things to do in Switzerland.

  1. Lion Monument
The “Lion of Lucerne” is carved out of a stone hillside. The commemorative carving is a poignant and moving depiction that symbolizes the defeated Swiss Guards who died during the French Revolution. Even visitors case-hardened by the wealth of sculpture in Europe will be affected by the Lion Monument.

  1. Lucerne Festival
Summertime in Lucerne brings the annual music festival. Held on the banks of the lake, the Culture and Convention Center hosts respected names in music.

  1. Mount Pilatus
Travelers who come to Lucerne should see it, at least once, from a mountaintop. The sloping sides of Mount Pilatus may be successfully negotiated by gondola or train. (The cogwheel train is the steepest ride of its kind in the world.)

  1. Glacier Garden Museum and Park
Glacier Garden is convenient to the Lion Monument, so travelers may want to combine the trips. The museum is a fascinating study of the region’s natural history. Delicate-looking, but hardy, alpine plants may be seen in the adjoining botanic gardens.

  1. Mount Rigi
Why not take in a journey up a mountain that starts with a boat ride? Begin by going via boat to Vitznau, then catch a cable car up Mount Rigi. Views are as stunning as might be expected from the Alps.

  1. Hofkirche
This church had its foundation in the 8th century as a Benedictine monastery. Hof Church is the city’s major cathedral, recognizable by its tall, graceful twin spires.

Lucerne, in its setting of both bucolic and dramatic wonders, is often considered the essential Swiss city. This lovely place will satisfy a traveler’s picture-postcard ideal of Switzerland.

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